The Tao of Pokemon Go


Augmented Reality!!! New technology combined with pioneering imagination has birthed a new paradigm for the human experience. We now have the ability to augment our reality in a truly immersive way. The hit video game, Pokemon Go, has taken our world by storm. But with so many Psyducks to catch and so little time, few people are asking themselves: what does it all mean?

Fortunately, these subjects were explored long before the technological leaps made AR and VR tangible, practical things. In this episode, we dive into a literary movement dubbed transrealism.

Jordan explores the work of Rudy Rucker, the author of the Transrealist Manifesto, with the hope of making sense of the inventible convergence of human beings and digital realities. However, Jordan does not explore these uncharted waters alone. Instead, he enlists the help of Tony Heman, an old childhood friend and Pokemon Go aficionado. Jordan and Tony discuss the dualistic promise of AR, Transrealism in literature and philosophy, as well as some of the technical points of mobile gaming. Armed with the information gleaned from this discussion, Jordan wraps things up with a mental exercise for the High Files audience.

This episode’s wisdom nuggets are provided by Rudy Rucker and Terrence McKenna.

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  1. Guys this is very primitive; You do realize that AR, Conscience-streaming (to another human or to an instance[member] of another species) and basic fundamental things like that are not only possible denovo, but is a everycycle (“every day”) taken-for-granted disciplined utilization of energy within, in this case the Earth Life System; Ok let me bounce a spinning question offf of you in a metric… You do realize that the very dialog of your conversation is clearly indicating that either I’m the only one on the planet that instanced (“was born”) with the incredible tool that in 2016 yall call high function autism and, probably because of my rediculously easy ability to dissect entirely the thought processes of any uniform information body (like humans)…. actually you know what never mind, this cant actually be true; but for what its worth, I can probably answer (and present original knowledge/experiential ROTE “proof”) any question you may have about literally everything in nature, how, ,why, how to derive something from nothing, how to plan and architect physical life energy systems such as the ELS where we use a hybrid (both “quantum” and “classical” dna-guided physical body and associated compositor (to ensure you reproduce and keep going forward; times not here yet, gotta go….

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