The Psychedelic Experience


Magic Mushrooms!!! In this episode, Jordan embarks on an in-depth analysis of the Psychedelic Experience with some help from some recently reacquainted fungal friends.

The utmost care and preparation was exercised during this investigation. One of the most important precautions to take for any Psychedelic Experience is to have a trip sitter. Jordan decided to keep things in the Onyx Edge family by linking up with Chris from On The Road With ThorHammer for this adventure. Chris plays the role of sitter while Jordan is blasted off into a metaphysical wonderland.

However, this was not familiar territory for Jordan, because it involved a much higher dose (though still not Heroic Level) than he had ever encountered before.

Will it be boom or bust for this new sacrament? Grab your popcorn and strap in as we embark on a journey into the deepest and weirdest waters the High Files has explored to date.

This episode’s wisdom nuggets are provided by William Shakespeare and Christ.

(NOTE: We apologize for varying audio quality during some parts of this episode, but we felt it was more important to be comfortable and centered during the experience with audio being a secondary concern.)

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Special Thanks to Duncan Trussel, Joe Rogan, Ram Dass, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey for inspiring this episode. Additional thanks to the late Terrence McKenna and his brother, Dennis McKenna, as well as Lorenzo Hagerty for making true knowledge about Psychedelics plentiful, available, and thoroughly enjoyable.