“The Enemy Within” feat. Khadija Bazzi Hamdar


It’s election time in America and that means a boogeyman is waiting ‘round e’ry corner. You’re not safe! There are enemies within!

But Jordan doesn’t buy into this fear-mongering and neither should you. We’re not saying there is no “enemy within”, instead, we attempt to unmask the real enemy.

Jordan takes a stroll down memory lane, remembering a time when violence and uncertainty reached new heights in his community. Storytelling and revelation abound. However, Jordan cannot expose the true enemy all by his lonesome. He is joined by Khadija Bazzi Hamdar, creator and host of the podcast: A Muslim Pearl in a Western Shell.

With Khadija’s help, Jordan gets down to brass tacks. They gain ground against the enemy via discourse and respect.

But have they exposed enough? Does a deeper, more obfuscated enemy still hide within?

This episode attempts to reduce the political circus into a palatable, actionable consommé.

To donate directly to the Syrian children in refuge from war via UNICEF, click here.

Khadija’s website and social media can be found here: http://muslimpearl.com/https://www.facebook.com/muslimpearl813/ https://twitter.com/muslimpearl813


This episode’s wisdom nuggets come from:

The Bible

The Quaran

Bill W.

And Peter Dale Wimbrow via “The Man in the Glass”

Aggregated internet audio (coming soon)

Special thanks to Khadija, for participating in my goofy, bizarre podcast, opening the hearts of many, and having the fortitude necessary to stand up to oppression in an age when most sit idly by.

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