Select a Game to Play featuring Mikey Gordon and Lucia Carol


What color is your parachute?  If it’s slowly being eaten by moths, who gives a fuck?

In this episode, Jordan explores the strange, seldom questioned rule-set imposed on our lives by American society.  Most Americans, and a vast majority of global citizens, fail to ponder the rules of the games they play.  In fact, most of them don’t believe they’re playing a game at all.  They have accepted compulsory school, a forty hour work week, and a minimum retirement age as if they were laws of nature.

But, there are those among us who see life in a different way.  They make their own kind of music.  

Jordan attempts to see the world through the eyes of two bad-ass, free spirits, Mikey Gordon and Lucia Carol.  Mikey and Lucia are comedians and professional wrestlers.  They live life like they’re ten feet tall and bulletproof.  By temporarily adopting their perspective, Jordan hopes to better understand the absurdity of the old guard, American way and perhaps get a better handle on his own parachute.


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This episode’s wisdom nuggets come from:

Robert Frost

Joe Rogan

Alan Ball (writer of American Beauty)

Jim Carrey


Fred the Baker


Aggregated internet audio:

Special thanks to Chris Naes from the Bacon and Naes podcast and Jimmy Lopez from Earth for being sounding boards for some of the concepts in this episode.  Special thanks also go to Tim Pickerill of Watchers on the Couch Fame for his Sound FX assistance.

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